Friday, September 20, 2013

Three long climbs.

Some time in my seventies I had this thought, that it was not possible for me to get really fit any more. Well I have blown that right out of the window.Its relative of course. I was talking to a salesman at Pedal Power and told him my problem was the distance and the hills. Just my little joke.On the last day of July I bit the bullet and decided to cycle over the Argyll hills from the Otane side. I had always been intimidated by the prospect. Yesterday I made a great leap. I cycled to Otane and over the Col de Argyll and then down to Argyll East School and on up to TeOnepu and down again and then back over Argyll hill to Otane and home. A total distance of 60ks. This is as much climbing as I would be doing in the Taupo Challenge. What I found interesting is that I could have climbed faster but had to watch my HR all the time.It was a cold miserable day for riding but it didn't intimidate me.On the last ks. I was still able to ride hard and legs still felt good. The reason I was at Pedal Power was that I am looking for some really light wheels that are as good a my American Classics.He showed me Shimano Dura-Ace WH-9000 C24 CL Clincher Wheelset which are 1398gms.


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