Monday, March 22, 2010


These photos are of the race in 2008. I finished but not without a considerable amount of pain through not enough training.
On reflection I realise that I needed to train for the longer distance. My training was adequate for 100Ks. I suffered after that. I also need some lower gears for the last two long hills. I walked Hatepe Hill,the last one, of three ks. There were two 80 year olds that were ahead of me. I am certain that they had others riding with them to pace and encourage them.

And now I have been quite amazed at how easily I have got back into riding again with no stress, no abnormal heart rate or heavy breathing. I gave up for a year and an affliction I had didn't improve and the cycling didn't cause it so what the hell.. so in principal I have decided to ride the Round Taupo Callenge again in November and see if I can do better than last time. I have been studying my diary and find that I did just 1500 ks in the four months before, which of course was just not enough. I have a problem though, August and September are still very cold months and I only did 273 ks in August and 350 in September. My longest rides in October and and November were just 91ks and the Taupo race is 160 and very hilly. The answer of course is to spend the cold months in Queensland.That would be great but there would be no one to look after the nursery. Its like being back to dairy farming again with no time off.

I never did any intensive hill climbs or any high intensity rides so I will look into that. I'm also learning how to dress when I ride in the winter. I have ski gloves thermal underwear, leggings and shoe warmers or covers.I think I should go to a skiing shop to see what skiers wear. Any suggestions.Anyway I think I was bluffing myself as to how much training I was doing.

The roads around here are good with little traffic on the farm roads and no potholes. There are as many hills as needed with many different grades, some hills up to three ks long and very steep. I have one right behind our house which even has an hairpin bend, so I can do intervals on it without having to ride very far. Now there are just eight months to go.


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