Friday, August 13, 2010

Training thoughts.

I think I 'm going to stick to my guns and concentrate on hill intervals basing it on Short blasts of exercise as good as hours of training and try to build up the number that I do while at the same time gradually building up the distance of my long rides, so that I cover all may bases. My mistake last time around was that all I did was flog myself doing just long rides at too high a tempo leaving myself tired without getting fitter. I should have thought it out more but all I was intent on doing was getting miles into my legs. I have now three hills that I can do these intervals on. One behind the house of two hundred and twenty metres at about 7-10% and one of one kilometer at an average of about 4% also nearby,and another of three kms at an average of 3%. Now according to the Contact Lake Taupo Cycle Challenge Newsletter the total climb is 1390 metres. That's 1.390 kilometres. The long rides will be done at 60-70% Max HR.


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