Tuesday, June 22, 2010

June 2010 Training.

1..........20+10 mins on trainer. Rain Rain and more Rain.
2..........Sunshine was promised all day and at 12.10pm it is still raining.
3..........22 kms.Took the bike in the car to be near a hill. Unfortunately the hill had moved and was five ks from where I thought it was, so after warming up on Middle road started out for the hill but had to ride five ks to get to the bottom of it. The hill was a good one, 3ks long but at the top it started to rain pretty heavily so had to ride 8ks back to the car in the rain. I would like to have ridden the hill once more.Maybe next time as this was a trial run to see the practicalities of traveling by car to interesting places.Av. cadence 76.
5..........24 ks. Todd Road. Undulating no wind sunny and very cold. Av. cadence 80.
6..........Rain.Spent some time on this blog dollying it up.Gave my quite a bit of grief.
7..........17ks. repeated the long 3k hill climb.Av. cadence 78. Chickened out of doing it twice as the weather was terrible.Cold wind and overcast. I find it really hard to motivate myself at times like this.Its so easy to sit in the warm lounge and watch tele.

9..........20 mins on the trainer. the weather has been just to miserable togo out on the road in these past two days. It was too cold and even left me with little energy to get myself onto the trainer. Tomorrow looks like it as also going to be cold.
10........23 ks.There were two things that killed me in the last Taupo Challenge. Guess what? The hills and the distance. So today I did six short hill(1k each) repeats.It was very cold but the sun was shining and there was no wind. My times are improving.
11........25 mins on trainer.
12........ Spent all day at the hospital with Elaine.Lovely warm day.
13........ Icy weather.
14........ do do Too listless to train. Visited Elaine in Hospital.
15........30 mins on trainer.Still icy weather.Elaine seems to have got pneumonia.
16........13ks. Two hill reps hard after warm up. Max HR 156. Best time to date.Weather sunny and coldish with no wind.
18........29ks. Seven short hill repeats. Cadence 77.Max HR 147. Sunny and cool.Long warm up.
19........10mins. on trainer to get blood moving.Went to hospital to see Elaine
20........35 mins. on trainer. Rained most to the day.
21........41mins. on trainer. Shortest day,we're on the mend.Had to sort out windscreen for car's WOF. Wasted most of the day.Got cold in the afternoon.
22........Visisted Elaine at Hospital.
23........19kms. Three hill repeats,very fast.Fastest time yet.Long warm-up. Av.cadence 76. This does not show how really high my cadence was. Sunny but coldish and no wind.
24.........Cheers, fetched Elaine from Hospital. Installed her in a bed in the warm lounge.
25........31 mins. on trainer. Rained all day.
26........35 mins, on trainer. Rained all day.
28........23 kms. Finally did two reps of the long hill of three ks.Best training day so far.A real work out. Sunny and cool to begin with but clouded over towards the end.Av HR 117. Cadence 75.Av HR on hills 131.
30........20 mins on trainer. Would like to have done a ride but the morning was taken up with a visit to the dentist for a filling and the afternoon I had a visit to the doctor.BP up.
169 Ks. for the Month


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