Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Argyll East Te Onepu and Return.

At last a sunny warmish day but its never perfect. I had what seemed like a gale blowing against me going but at least it was with me coming home.I always prefer to have the wind with me going out so that if it changes I just might have it both ways.Murphy's law doesn't allow it though.Murphy's law says if you have it against you going it will change and be against coming home.

I decided that I would have to do a decent long ride and remembered what a nice ride up the hills to Te Onepu was.On the way I passed through a little hamlet Argyll East which a has a school,a hall and seven houses. Its a ten K undulating climb up from the school. On google earth it is only about a hundred metre climb but on the way there are many little drops so that I probably climberd two hundred metres in all. I took the pictures two years ago. The middle one was a pic of a man being lowered into the tops of gum trees to poison the nests of rooks which are a pest. The last was at Te Onepu where I turned. My whole ride was 50ks. I don't have to wait for Sundays to do long rides,lucky me.


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