Sunday, August 22, 2010

Training August 2010

This is the beginning of a new month.Four months to go to the Challenge but the first week is to be easy. Last week I never did my full quota but it was never the less a hard one. I'm concentrating on cadence all the time. The reason that my average cadence seems low is that there are times when I am pedaling quite slowly,especially when I am warming up and my legs are a bit stiff. Also when negotiating obstacles like railway lines or crossing roads and going around corners, the cadence is very low. However on the flats my cadence is often around 100 so the average shouldn't be taken too seriously but rather used to compare one ride with another.

2.........20 kms. Otane. Nice ride keeping cadence up. Ave 84. Nice warmish sunny day with wind against me coming back. Does that mean spring is here? Still four months to go.Everyone has been talking about what a lovely day it was.We need more of them.
3.........20 mins on trainer
6.........28 ks. Tod Road-Otane. Nice sunny but cold to begin with day and no wind.
Started cadence meter after I had got out of town and warmed up. It made a bit of difference thoughI did work at my cadence. Av. 90.The strange thing though,my HR was much higher though I never seemed to be out of breath with the higher cadence.Av. HR 122. My time was good.
8........ 28 ks. Tod Road-Otane Av Cadence 84 Av. HR 118 light wind against me coming home. Sunny and cool.Next week back to the hard work.
9.........Miserably cold day. Spent more time on this blog which should have been spent training or doing something more productive.5oC outside.
10.......16 ks. Six short hill repeats. Times better than July 28.Only just made it to the top with last repeat by changing to lower gear.I will have to do the first repeats a bit slower. Av. cadence 79. Average HR 119 Max. 158. Good workout.Very cold 6oC but sunny. I feel my training is going well.
12........19 ks 4 med hill repeats. The weather was too cold to go out for a long ride as I had planned.Found all sorts or reasons why I shouldn't do more repeats. Anyway my times were the best on this 1 km. hill so far.HR 114 max 154.Av. cadence 77. Maybe it was to soon after the Tuesdays hill workout.Elaine has a cold so I hope I don't catch it.
14.........1hr. on trainer and watched cricket.Raining.Kept cadence above 90 most of the time.
17.........50 kms. at last a sunny warmish day but its never perfect. I had what seemed like a gale blowing against me going but at least it was with me coming home.I always prefer to have the wind with me going out so that if it changes I just might have it both ways.Murphy's law doesn't allow it though.Murphy's law says if you have it against you going it will change and be against coming home.
19......... I have had an attack of gout. The first for about seven months.After some hesitation I took a Synflex tablet (Naproxen) which I am not supposed to take but it works quicker than anything else that I have used.My right foot was really swollen and too sore to put any pressure on. Otherwise it was not painful.It was also very cold today and rained in the afternoon.
20........18kms. Seven short hill intervals in almost exactly the same time for each. I did them at a cadence of 80,but with each one my HR increased slightly, though I could have done more repeats.My foot wasn't sore at all but it is still a bit swollen. Nice sunny day.Glad to have been able to do this session as I am now behind this week. Again!
21.........20 mins on trainer.Rained all day so went to town,but nothing exciting.Hope tomorrow is better.Son Bruce is also complaining. He can't train properly and is going to Edinburgh for World Duathlon Championships.
22.........17ks. Six short hill intervals in higher gear. When pressure increases cadence increases linearly. I found that out for myself today, and was able to measure it,so my times were all faster.Where my cadence was 80 on the 20th, in the higher gear it was around 83, but I found I was unable to keep it steady on 83. The last interval was fastest but I faded at the top. Good workout though.Could have done more.
24..........42 mins on trainer. Rain.
25..........20ks . I set out to do a long ride but only got a few hundred metres and turned back.The weather was just too disagreeable,so I decided to do hill intervals close to home. Did nine intervals which was an increase of one.
26..........45 kms. I managed to do today what I wanted to do yesterday. It was a very difficult ride with several hills. The hardest a 10% 1.2 km climb.The weather dictateds my training. Cadence 77
28.........27 kms. Easy ride to Otane via Tod Road.Kept HR down to under 75% Max. Sunny and cool withwind agains going.
31.........25 mins on trainer.


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