Friday, August 27, 2010

Patangata Tavern Ride.

Yesterdays ride really left me bushed. The climb up from the Patangata Tavern on the way to Elsthorpe averaged ten percent so in parts it was even steeper.You can see the road winding up on the left of the bottom two photos. I hadn't really planned to ride but trying to fit rides in with the weather is difficult as rain was forecast for Friday so I decided to make hay on Thursday.After Wednesdays session I was still a little tired I suppose. I only felt it later in the evening because during the ride I felt fine.On a previous ride up the hill two years ago I had to stop for a breather halfway up.I took these photos a while back.From the pub I crossed over the very long single lane bridge over the Tukituki River and then right up the hill.It was a two and a half hour ride with plenty of hills. Next ride will have to be easy.


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