Friday, December 24, 2010


Maybe we are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel,but it is a very long tunnel. Elaine went up to Auckland hospital two weeks ago where she was to get a pacemaker and then a cardiac ablation to cure her of her fibrillations. They were only able to put the pacemaker in place and will do the ablation in February. She was taken twice to hospital with her heart fibrillation the week before she went up to Auckland. Her illness has become very stressful for both of us.

She is back home now and the important thing is for her not to do anything stressful so I'm into making beds and some cooking hanging up washing.

I managed to get training sessions in over the last few weeks. Its just a matter of trying to maintain my fitness until I can get training properly again.The past year has been good in parts,being able to get in quite a bit of cycling but Elaine's ilness has been very energy draining.The nursery has been partially successfull,though in the last couple of months has been neglected. I don't know if it is because of the drought,the economy or perhaps we have just saturated the town with plants having sold in excess of 10000 in the last decade.The towns population is only 2000.The nursery is an important part of our lives.

I hope I'm on track for the 100k Flyer in April. All I need to do is increase my long rides,eventually up to 80ks. Last time I rode,which was three years ago, I was given a Timex Ironman watch for being one of the oldest riders. An older rider got a coffeemaker.

Well now into 2011. There seems so little time and er energy to do all I want and then I discovered a new law of relativity using Einstein's maths.I won't go into that. Few would understand anyway. It concerns the speed of time. viz. The speed of time is relative to the age of the observer. The older the observer the faster the speed of time.

The most important thing is to get Elaine well and fit again.


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