Saturday, December 4, 2010

Working out can help you look and feel younger

When I was in my fifties I told a friend that as you get older you must exercise more not less. I have kept this in mind though in practice it is not so easy. Anyway the point is that when you are in middle age you don't actually have to exercise at all but as you age you can become so inactive that your muscles decline in strength alarmingly, so you have to exercise to make up for your inactivity.
An interesting article on working out can be found here

A study found endurance exercise like a jog or spinning class increases the number of stem cells in our muscles, helping rejuvenate them.

‘When we age, we experience sarcopenia, a decline in mass and function of muscles.
‘As a result, our musculoskeletal system is more susceptible to daily wear and tear, which also explains the increased risk of falling in the elderly. For the first time our findings can explain why older people who have exercised throughout their lives age more gracefully.’

So, firstly exercise throughout your life.

Secondly a good balanced diet without being a food faddist and that includes Vitamin D from sunshine.
Thirdly an absence of pollutants; smoking, alcohol, air pollution and chemicals used in agriculture and industry.The last three are difficult unless you live in a windy area near the sea away from industry and grow your own veggies, and don't forget to choose your parents wisely.

What brought this post on it that few weeks ago I was helping a lady in her fifties carry two pieces of carpet to our house. Hers was the bigger one, yet I was having more difficulty carrying my piece. I realised that my upper body strength had decreased in the last two years. I have since started a weight lifting programme to see if it will help as I have a big building project in the new year. Says I hopefully.

I purchased my weights 63 years ago.


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