Thursday, September 16, 2010

Not a good time for me.

This has been a bad time for me. After my 60 km ride on Friday I was quite elated,but my elation was short lived. On Sunday I decided to do some medium hill intervals and warmed up as usual. Then I started up the hill and about the two hundred metre mark I noticed that I was several seconds ahead of my normal time. This encouraged to increase my speed and at the half way mark I was still way ahead. At the top of the hill of one kilometer I stopped the watch at 15secs better than my best time. Wow!. Then a glanced at my HRM and found my heart was beating at 177, more than twenty above max. It remained at 177 for perhaps five mins even though my breathing was back to normal and then only gradually dropped over the next twenty mins to 135.Suddenly it dropped to more or less normal for that sort of effort.Should this worry me? Well yes of course it did and left me really unhappy. I stopped training for three days.

Yesterday I did some short hill intervals keeping my eyes on my HR,and never letting it get to high.The short hills don't allow it to go too high. My times were all a bit better and the HR was also good, but afterwards in the evening it became very irregular. Its back to normal now. I know that some cyclists do have irregular heart beats with thickened left ventrical wall and doctors are worried about it.


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