Thursday, September 2, 2010

Training September 2010

1...........17kms. Six short hill intervals.
3 ..........22 kms. Ten short hill intervals. The weather was too cold for a long ride so I decided to stay close to home so I could chicken out. This was supposed to be a hard week but with the inclement weather maybe I should just make it an easy week and then next week will have to be hard. I'll wait to see what Sunday turns out like.
5...........28ks. Otane via Tod Road. This was to be a long ride into the mountains. The promised 18oC didn't materialise and when I set off it was 8oC but it did warm up to 10oC. Anyway I aborted the long ride and decided that this week would have to be the easy week and now next week will have to be hard.
7...........19ks. Eight short hill intervals in higher gear. Times better than 22/8/10 and heart rate lower and I did two more intervals. Weather much warmer with some sun and no wind.Good workout. Cadence 78 Av. HR 114.
9..........Rain all day.Was able to get some work done in the nursery
12.........12ks One medium hill climb in very fast time which pushed my HR up too high so I cooled it.
15.........17ks. Eight short hill intervals.Rain interrupted my training.
19.........30 mins on trainer. weather still bad.
20.........30 mins on trainer.
21........ 21 mins on trainer.Very windy gale force winds out on the road.
22.........30 mins on trainer. wind still very bad out on the road.
23.........14 kms. three short hill repeats. Had to fit it in the best I could .It was very cold with occasional rain and strong winds. was pleased to get some miles in.
26.........31 mins. on trainer.Everything is working against me. I have suffered an acute attack of gout in my left foot and have been unable to put on my cycle shoes. I managed to find some perdnisone which helped me so I managed to do 30 mins on trainer this evening. I was hoping to enter a 10 k time trial on Tuesday. Now I will just have to wait and see.
27........10 ks. Hard warm up of 8 ks and then one short hill in record time and then a warm down. Just changed wheels and tried out the bike to see all is ready for tomorrows time-trial of 10 ks. now changed totwenty ks. on Ashcott Road.Its very flat.My time will put me into a group.Probably with the kids of ten years old.My foot still hurts a bit.
28........20 k. Time Trial. I had a great ride. Finished low down but most were old enough to be my children, grand children or great grandchildren!?? Av.cadence was 84 and out of the twenty or so riding in my group I was only a bit over 4 mins behind the leader.


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