Saturday, November 13, 2010


I managed to drag myself to the club time trial championships. I was the only one in my class 81-85. Or I was in a class of my own.The results showed that I won.Actually I was quite pleased that I was able to ride at all,seeing that I am doing so little training. I averaged just over 25kph. over the 15 ks.

Summer seems to have come at last so maybe it will encourage me to go out more ofter and do some longer rides. I need them badly.Elaine is back home again after two spells in hospital in the last two weeks and also two weeks spent with my daughter.

The lady that was supposed to help Elaine during the Taupo Challenge has tragically died and the accommodation she booked and paid a deposit on has been cancelled by her trustees.So it seems I wasn't supposed to do the race.


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