Monday, March 14, 2011

March progress.

About a month ago Elaine went up to Auckland Hospital for the completion of a procedure first begun just before Christmas when she had a pacemaker inserted.Since then her condition has gradually improved with no further problems.The second procedure was to sever the nerve between the atrium and the ventricle to stop the ventricle fibrillating in concert with the atrium when it fibrillated.

This good news has allowed me to get on with training and on Sunday I did my longest ride thus far. It was seventy five Ks on mostly flat roads with just two hills of about one k each.I also did it in a very good time, while keeping my HR at between 60% and 75% of max. However today ,Monday, I feel a little tired so will forgo racing tomorrow which in any case will upset my training programme.

I now have to enter the 100k Flyer and get on to booking motels in Rotorua and Taupo. Last time around We booked two nights in Rotorua and had to travel back after the race.

I spent much of today trying to sort out problems with my bike.I found that I have for some time not been able to use my highest gear. Not that it mattered as it would only have been used downhill.I sorted out a rattle as well.


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