Saturday, April 16, 2011


My last post shows the injury to my right foot.Falling down the stairs is not funny. The stairs are narrow so it was not possible to tumble down. I just slid all the way down on my bum breaking my big toe, spraining my ankle and damaging ligaments in the foot as well as considerable tissue damage to my calf which swelled up like a balloon. In addition I took skin off my right forearm and received a bump on my forehead.. All because I missed the top step.Elaine had to drive and push me around in the wheelchair for a change when I had my foot X rayed.

Its taken over two weeks, and two visits to the physio to be able to walk without pain, but still with a bit of difficulty because of the damaged calf muscle. Still I have been able to have several twenty minute sessions on the bike trainer and I hope to be back on the road again soon.

Its the first accident of any kind that I have had in my life that has caused such injury.I have never been so traumatised as I was in the ten minutes following the fall. All other accidents have been very minor. The time I turned my fathers car over left me bodily unscathed even though I was not wearing a seat belt, as they were not fitted to cars.


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