Monday, May 23, 2011

Polar HRM RS300X Weekly Training Printout.

This is the printout for my weekly training from 1 November 2010 till the present. It shows the weekly duration and average Heart Rate for each week. It also shows how it went so badly when Elaine was ill and later when I damaged my foot in the fall down the stairs. Duration is better indication of training than distance as it records the time spent on the trainer.

Th bottom chart shows duration of training for May 2011.The colours represent time spent in each Training Zone.The kph looks bad because it includes time on the trainer where zero miles are registered bringing down my low average even further.


At December 28, 2011 at 9:12 PM , Blogger Barrie said...

Hi, have read pieces of your story in different parts of the web. I thought I might be a little too old to start running / cycling again at 65, but your story has motivated me - I have even bought an RS300X, abpout which I have a question - how do you display the graph of the laps (and rest times) as you show on your blog? I can record laps, and have found out where I can see them on the watch, but can't find the listing on PolarPersonalTrainer. Do you have to do anything to the watch like setting it to "intervals", or changing the tarining type from "Free"?


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