Sunday, January 8, 2012

Polar RS300X HRM

I have just seen an enquiry about the Polar RX300S My blog has been pretty inactive just as I have. Only doing a little cycling but mostly running and walking. I fell down the stairs and think this caused a hernia which is troublesome and has handicapped me a bit. Also I have had other things to do which leave me little energy to ride.
Hi, not sure if my other comment got through (not too used to commenting on blogs), so am trying again on what appears to be your latest blog entry. I mentioned that I thought at 65 that I might be getting past doing a lot of training, but your blog has motivated me. I aslo bought an RS300X, and - as you say - the user manual hides some of the functions of the watch and Polar Personal Trainer (PPT). On one of your blogs, you show what looks like an Excel breakdown of one session of eight hill intervals with average and "lap end" heart rates. I would really like to know how you got this view, I have looked everywhere on PPT but cannot find it. Is it from other software, or did you have to set the watch up in a certain way before the session - e.g. "Intervals" or "Training Zones". Would appreciate any help you could give.

I'm not sure I can answer the question.You have to download all the information from the HRM using Websync. Then you go the the personal trainer and view all the information in the diary.I see now that the laps only record the average for the laps,so you have to get the information 'manually' from the HRM itself. I have just checked back to the training session on the 9 December 2010 where I recorded eight hill repeats and I see that they changed the format an no longer show the time at the end of the lap which is a problem.If you check manually you can get the max HR for the lap and the average but not the HR at the end of the lap. If you do a hard lap the max will only be shown in the next lap if you finish the lap fast, as the HR goes on going up for a few seconds after you finish the lap and slow down.Its important to know the HR at the beginning of the lap and that is not recorded any more.
This. is what I have been busy doing


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