Sunday, April 21, 2013

I started to train a bit more seriously, just walking and running getting on to 50/50 by distance. I have also done three short rides. Its nearly seven weeks since my hernia operation so am getting more confident.Unfortunately I think I overdid it last Sunday and brought on a cold which prevented me training last week. I persuaded the doctor to give me a prescription for antibiotics to stem a cough that was developing. It seems to have done the trick. Its my 84th birthday coming up so have persuaded Elaine that I need a new carbon fibre frame, I don't see that I can be extravagant and buy a really expensive one but at Torpedo I found this no name frame for $799.I spoke to my neighbour who has a cycle shop and he thinks its ok and he will be able to transfer everything from my Avanti Corsa. I questioned Torpedo about the bike as there are no reviews and this is what they replied.
Hi there, most of what you are asking we can't really answer on behalf of the company if you want a totally unbiased response, but I can confirm that we have sold many of these frames and we have not yet had any bad comments made about it in any size. We've had a Large size frame on test for a while now with a few of the staff testing it out and all reports are good - but if you don't believe me then you'll need to wait for some of our customers to comment or review the frame. We back our products 100%, and it is covered by our warranty, so if you purchase it and you don't like it when you receive it then simply return it. If you ride it and you are not happy then simply tell us and we'll make it right.


At April 22, 2013 at 10:49 AM , Blogger . said...

I decided against buying the frame at this stage and will wait to see how my training goes. I have a perfectly good bike.


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